We are social creatures. We like to share everything we do and we like to know exactly what our friends and enemies are up to. We have social media and other social platforms for all of that. They give us a chance to chat, snap, share, stalk, call or even video call. There are so many opportunities However, these ways don’t give us a chance to feel like we are right there, right there  in the middle of action. Right now, we can only be spectators and not participants. Virtual reality, more precisely 360 degree video, gives us that opportunity. It gives us the opportunity to be right there where everything is happening. It can take us anywhere we want. We can travel the world and see what our friends are up to without even leaving our house. We can see all the highlights from the club, while sipping a reasonably priced beer on our own couch My idea a new social platform that is based on the possibilities of virtual reality.  You get to explore the world in the Explore Page. You can send and receive video messages which keep you closely in touch with your close ones. And of course, most importantly, you get the chance to be home with your loved ones even when you’re far away from them. There are already glasses which are real VR and 360 degree video at the same time. Furthermore, they are getting smaller and smaller so you don’t have to have some monstrum in your face.   A platform that offers virtual reality calls, A platform that has a feed for all your friends’ videos, A platform through which you could explore the world and the lives of others, A platform where you can chat through short videos, Teleporting with the help of 360 degree videos is the new reality.  
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